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The New England Division supports many of the Department scholarships as well as the following organizations:

The organizations and their links are:
Operation Little Angel
MCL Foundation
Marines Helping Marines
Youth Physical Fitness Program
Ladies Auxiliary
Young Marines

Past Chief Devil Dog

New England Division

Cliff Williams, 1990-1991
Gary Chartrand, 1991-1993
Bill Taylor, 1993-1995
Jack Nash, 1996-1998
Lamar Golden, 1998-2000
Robert Leet, 2000-2002
Doug Fisk, 2002-2004
George Barrows, 2004-2006
Don Garland, 2006-2008
Laurel Hull, 2008-2010
Phil Rhumshottel, 2010-2012
Mike English, 2012-2014
Ken Travis, 2014-present

Past Vice Chief Devil Dog

New England Division

Richard Walsh, 1983-1984
Joseph Callahan, 1984-1992
Chuck Behenna, 1994-1996
Doug Fisk, 1996-1998
Richard Wearne, 1998-2000
Rick Murphy, 2000-2002
Rocky Snow, 2002-2003
Joe Messina, 2003-2006
Richard Wearne, 2006-2007
Frank Diekmann, 2007-present

Past National Vice Commandants

New England Division

Charles T. Brown, Dept. of NJ, 1957-1962
Jack Brennan, Dept. of NJ, 1962-1963
David W. Graybil, Dept. of PA, 1963-1964
Joseph Digney, Dept. of ?, 1964-1965
Walter B. Sellers, Jr., Dept. of PA, 1965-1966
Harold A. Osgood, Sr., Dept. of CT, 1967-1971
Patrick J. Cody, Dept. of PA, 1971-1974
Russell C. Gross, Dept. of PA, 1975-1975
Leo T. Fortier, Dept. of MA, 1975-1981
Francis J. Meakeam, Dept. of CT, 1981-1989
Earl W. Herrington, Dept. of CT, 1989-1993
Roland M. Frazier, Dept. of CT, 1993-1994
Robert H. Juneau, Dept. of ME, 1994-1995
Charles R. Behenna, Dept. of MA, 1995-1997
Roland G. Knapp, Dept. of ME, 1997-1998
John V. “Jack” Ryan, Dept. of MA, 1998-2001
James R. Laskey, Dept. of MA, 2001-2005
Robert White, Dept. of MA, 2005-2007
Richard D. Gore, Sr., Dept. of MA, 2007-2010
Robert Delong, Dept. of MA, 2010-2011
Richard A. Harrington, Dept. of CT, 2011-2015
Warren Griffin, Dept of MA, 2015-Present